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Name: Mike Sears
Age: 28
Home Mountain: Big Boulder Park 
Where did you grow up? Flemington, NJ
Regular or Goofy: Regular
Narrow or Wide: how about the middle? haha
Skinny or Baggy? : Skinny
Pow Day or Perfect Park? : Perfect Park! Don't get me wrong I love my pow days, throwing up some snow, entering and exiting the white room, face shots, its all amazing, but seeing fresh corduroy on a wedge is just a beautiful site.
Favorite Music?: Im pretty much a fan of all kinds.  Go through my iTunes and its a pretty wide array of music genres.
In 2018 I will be pretty doing exactly the opposite of what I said i enjoy doing the most and riding a lot more backcountry and pow rather than park.  Its time to mix it up, throw in some change, and adjust with the changed.
Besides Snowboarding I love: Well of course my family, and my dog. But not too many people know that Lacrosse is a love of mine and something that I was very serious into before Snowboarding and something that I'm actually getting back into in the offseason during the warmer months.
Goggles or Sunglasses? Goggles all day
What do shred soles do for you?  I have a very flat foot. maybe one of the flattest on the planet. Shred Soles absolutely save me.  Before Shred Soles I would get some arch pain while riding, especially when my boots were newer and still breaking in. Since I started using Shred Soles the pain has been gone and I don't have to struggle sitting on the lift in pain.  My arches are supported making things pain free, and keeping me feeling good to perform well.
Facebook: Mike Sears
Facebook Athlete Page: Mike Sears
Instagram: @mikesears_
twitter: @M1KES3ARS



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