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Find Out Why Shred Soles Are Superior

  • “First time riding Shred Soles after hurting my knee a few weeks ago. They were awesome – made my board feel more responsive and my knees felt less stressed!”

    -Michael Leon (Shred Soles customer)
  • “Just rode with shred soles for the first time today and they feel great. They really did make my 100+ days on snow boots feel brand new!”

    –Brad Dean (Head Snowboard Instructor at Liberty Mountain )
  • “I’m happy to report that after extensive riding the DuraShred has not packed in and the insoles still give me the same support and boot fill now as they did the first day I wore them.”

    - Daniel Cochrane (Founder at
  • “I’m 100% backing Shred Soles!”

    Todd Richards (Professional Snowboarder and Founder at
  • “After 2 foot surgeries I didn’t think my feet would be able to handle snowboarding, but thanks to the Shred Soles, I’m carving up the mountain. Thanks again.”

    -Greg Moreau (Shred Soles First Customer)
  • “Ahh… they make my snowboard boots feel just like my shoes, wonderful!”

    -Angela Holle (Shred Soles customer)
  • “I think about my feet very little while boarding thanks to the cushion and support of these aftermarket insoles (Shred Soles). ”

    -Ian Macy (Video Manger at Windells Camp)
  • “Shred Soles help with naturally aligning your body for riding which is a plus when you ride duck footed in a 22 width stance, it helps so that at the end of the day your knees hurt less. ”

    Shannon Johnson (Founder at ShayBoarder)
  • “Man, I like the soles….. especially after they molded to my feet! ”

    -Eduardo Segovia (Founder at )
  • “No pinch. No cramping. Nada. I rode all night and never thought about my boots, my feet, my arches, etc. Honestly, with the Shred Soles, it was like they weren’t even there, which is awesome. The last thing you want when you’re snowboarding is to have sore or uncomfortable feet.”

    -David Zemens, (Founder at

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