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Age: 21
Home Mtn: Bromley Mountain
Where did you grow up? Granville, NY 
Regular or Goofy: Regular
Narrow or Wide? Narrow
Skinny or baggy? A nice happy medium 
Luke Hahn Shred Soles
Pow day or perfect park?  Mainly a park guy but if there is pow you know I'm not complaining! 
Complete the following sentences: In 2016 I will be finishing up my last semester of college, snowboarding A LOT, coaching, surfing and living everyday to the fullest!
Besides snowboarding I love surfing, motocross, filming/editing and shooting photos and hanging with friends and family.
Goggles or Sunglasses? Gotta love a good goggle tan lol
What do Shred Soles do for you? Unbelievable comfort and endless laps day after day!
Social media links: Instagram: @luke_hahn Facebook: Luke Hahn
What's good?  Snowboarding, filming, coaching, family and friends, enjoying life, and my feet not hurting cause of Shred Soles!!
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