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Age: 16
Home Mountain: Mountain Creek NJ
Where did you grow up? Washingtonville, NY (Da Ville)
Regular or Goofy: Regular
Narrow or Wide: Narrow
Skinny or Baggy: Slim Fit
Pow day or Perfect Park: Oh now that’s a tough one, but I’m going to have to go with a killa pow day
In 2015 I will be shredding the world on my snowbort.
Besides snowboarding I love hanging with friends, skating, and playing video games.
Goggles or sunglasses: Goggles
What do Shred Soles do for you?  Shred Soles provide my foot the comfort needed for long days on the hill.
Find me on the internets at: @Seansauce26
What websites do you go to most often: Youtube and Facebook
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