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Zoe Mayers
Full Name: Zoe Mayers


Home Mtn: Ski Liberty/ Ski Roundtop

Where did you grow up? Baltimore, MD

Regular or goofy: Regs

Narrow or Wide? Wide-ish

Skinny or baggy? In between, but more on the skinny side.

Pow day or a perfect park? Hmmmmm, perfect park day I guess but if there is pow I will ride it obvs

Complete the following sentences:

In 2015 I will be __Going to school in Burlington, Vt for a little then taking some time off to travel and snowboard hopefully on the West Coast.

Besides snowboarding I love _family, friends, food, good people, good vibes, skating, hiking, being outside and staying active.

Goggles or Sunglasses? Sunglasses for sure

What do Shred Soles do for you? Shred soles keeps my feet and arches supported and greased up for the ultimate boarding experience. Love me them shred soles!

Social media links: instagram: @zoe_mayers facebook: Zoe Mayers
What’s good? Thanks a ton to my family and friends who stick with me. Dan Broadwell over at Flourcity Distributions and everyone at Pitcrew

Link to some footy:
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