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Performance Skateboarding Insoles

$ 39.99

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  • Cloud Like Comfort - We developed the perfect blend of DuraShred foam as a base layer to provide long lasting support and comfort specifically for skateboarding.
  • Board Feel - Layer of ShredBed Microcellular Urethane under the forefoot. ShredBed is soft to the touch for enhanced board feel, but it instantly dissipates force on impact. 
  • Arch Support and Protection - The PrimoTech skeleton is a proprietary blend designed to offer arch supportåÊand protect the arch from primo landings.
  • Stability -The deep well heel cup locks the heel in place increasing overall stability, balance and control - while reducing the likelihood of a rolled ankle.
  • Mitigate Heel Bruises - Compact ShredTech high density gel precisely positioned in the heel absorbs and dissipates impact energy.


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