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Ian Macy of Havesome Shred Soles Review

I. Macy here to tell you a little bit about my experience with Shred Soles. While rollerbladers (skiers) have had custom insoles for their boots, snowboarders didn’t have a specific design for quite a while. Bearcub Mandela turned me on to the first snowboard specific boot insole, and I was eager to give them a try. Being a filmer means standing around in my boots for an extended period of time, which often results in aches and foot cramping. Nate Musson, founder of Shred Soles was kind enough to ship out a couple pair and I must say they make a huge difference in my riding and comfort level.

This year I opted for a pair of the Burton Grail boots, $299.95 retail.

For three hundred dollars one would think that the boot would be packed with tons of advanced tech. These boots are warm, super supportive and flex when I need them, but frankly I was disappointed in the factory Burton insoles. They feel
(and look) like a thin piece of cardboard in the bottom of my boot.

While the Burton insole is relatively thin all around, Shred Soles are canted. This seems to take stress off off my knees while offering serious cushion for those heavy landings. I think about my feet very little while boarding thanks to the cushion and support of these aftermarket insoles.

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