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Have you ever considered Snowboarding, Skateboarding and Surfing all in the same day? You’d have to live in California or Washington right? Wrong.

Back in January, Paul Horning and myself set out to do all three from our home-base in south central PENNSYLVANIA!

It was not the best day of skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding – plus there was tons of drive time in between each activity, but it was awesome to successfully pull off all three in the same day!

Paul’s summary of the day:

On 1/12/14 Nate and I went on a mission to skate, surf, and snowboard in the same day. We left my house in PA at 6am. We arrived at Ocean Pines Skatepark in Ocean City, MD at 9:30am and skated for about 45 minutes before heading to Assateague National Seashore, MD. We hit the beach at 11am. The waves were really fun with an air temp of around 50 degrees and water temp off 44. We surfed for about 3 hrs before heading back to PA. We got home and cleaned out the truck, enjoyed a beer and put on our shred attire. We live about a mile away from Liberty Mountain Resort so we were on the snow by 7pm to get in some night riding. We met up with a few other friends for some fun, fast, laps. We ended the night with a parking lot beer for our friend Anthony who just turned 21. I was home enjoying a cold one by 9pm. It was a good bit of driving but we usually go surfing anyways so it wasn’t much more than we’re used to. It goes to show that you don’t have to be a world class skater, surfer or snowboarder to have fun doing it. Who says you have to live on the west coast to do all three in the same day?! I look forward to more of this in the near future! Music by Beer Boys, Arvada, CO. TUCKLOVE!

Why am I posting about skateboarding and surfing on a snowboarding blog? Check out the previous post on 3 simple things to do over the summer to help build foot strength for snowboarding: 3 Simple Things

Have you ever completed the trifecta? Is it on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below.

Pray for snow.


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