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Cameron Gorby
Full Name: Cameron Gorby

Age: 22

Home Mtn: That one awesome little hill called Ski Liberty

Where did you grow up? Frederick Maryland

Regular or goofy: REGS

Narrow or Wide? : WIDE… That’s how they say they like it

Skinny or baggy? : neither

Pow day or a perfect park? : POW POW POW

Complete the following sentences:

In 2015 I will be : SLASHING MORE POW

Besides snowboarding I love : skateboarding, dem Ladiezz, comfortable insoles that make a world of difference in you snowboard boots!

Goggles or Sunglasses? : goggles because when you put those on you know your about to go real fast

What do Shred Soles do for you? : they feel like my feet are being kisses by goddesses while making my knees feel great!

Social media links:
Insta : Camerongorby
Facebook : Cameron Gorby

Link to some footy:
What’s good? : Life, Love, community, Happiness
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