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What is the degree of the canting?

4 degrees.

What size should I buy if I’m in between sizes (EX. 11.5)?

Buy the next size up (EX. 12) and trim to fit.

What if I have a high arch?

If you know that you have a high arch you can purchase the next size up and trim the excess.

Are Shred Soles good for flat feet?

Yes, we recommend you heat mold your Shred Soles to custom fit lower arched feet.

How do I trim my Shred Soles to fit?

Follow the instructions here: Shred Soles trimming instructions

When will my order ship?

We process all orders the same day the order is placed.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

3-7 business days via USPS Priority.

Are Shred Soles good for wide feet?

Absolutely, Shred Soles will mold to any foot type.

Are Shred Soles good for narrow feet?

You bet, Shred Soles help stabilize the foot and reduce side to side movement that commonly occurs with narrow feet.

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