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Paul Horning
Full Name: Paul Horning

Age: 37

Home Mtn: liberty but claiming seven springs

Where did you grow up? Middletown, MD

Regular or goofy: goofy

Narrow or Wide? 21.5”

Skinny or baggy? Beer gut cut

Pow day or a perfect park? Bar

Complete the following sentences:

In 2015 I will be still trying to figure out how to play more and work less..

Besides snowboarding I love skateboarding, surfing, cold beers, photos, cold beers, fishing

Goggles or Sunglasses? Goggles banged sideways

What do Shred Soles do for you? Make my blown out knee and ankle happy.

Social media links: Instagram- PaulHorning

Link to some footy:

What’s good? Shred Soles. Warm water temps and offshore winds. Seven springs terrain parks and pipes. Bluebird days. Cold beer. Pitcrew skateboards. Loud music. Cold beers. Good times with friends. Colorado Power Flower. Colorado MJ laws. Beer Boys. Pow days. Ice cold beer. Playing more than working. Being alive. feeling 90 but acting 10. My left knee. My right ankle. My left shoulder. Cold gold. Elegent selfies. My life, other than having to work. And if I forgot to mention it, cold beer.
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