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Age: 19

Where did you grow up? Lived in Salisbury Mills, NY for most of my life. It’s still my home base and where my family lives

Home Mountain: Raised at Mountain Creek, NJ. My parents would drive me down almost every day after school as it has night riding. My homies and I ran that place and I owe my riding to Creek.

Regular or Goofy: Regular

Narrow or Wide: My stance is a little bit wider than shoulder width at 22 ½. I like the power I get from it, but it's not too wide where you look crazy

Skinny or Baggy: I’m feeling baggy

Pow day or Perfect Park: PowDah day all DahWay

Besides Snowboarding I like to skateboard, hang with the homies, and be eating good

Goggles or sunglasses: During the summer you’ll usually catch me in sunglasses, any other time I’m more than likely to be running my goggles

What do Shred Soles do for you? They make my feet feel great all day. Not only boarding, but constantly being on my feet. I use them in every shoe or boot I wear.

Find me on the Internets at @seansauce26

What websites do you go to most often? Snowboarder Mag, Transworld Snowboarding, Soundcloud, and Thrasher Magazine

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