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32 Team Two Simon Chamberlain Snowboard Boot Review

32 Team Two Simon Chamberlain Snowboard Boot Review

Disclaimer: Everyone’s feet are different; I was hesitant to write a snowboard boot review because I know that the boot that fits my foot well may not be the best fitting boot for you! In other words, “What’s the best snowboard boot?” Answer, “The boot that fits YOUR foot the best.” Go to your local snowboard shop and try on several boots!

Back in January I was lucky enough to receive a pair of next years Simon Chamberlain Thirty Two Team Two’s.

I’ve been riding TM-2′s for the last three seasons, a new pair each year. They’ve always fit my foot and my riding style very well. I only had twenty days on my regular (2009-2010) TM-2′s when the new ones arrived; I’d hardly even broken the old ones in, keep in mind that most Mid-Atlantic “days” consist of a couple hours of shredding and a couple hours in the resort bar!

When I first opened the box I noticed right away that the new boots were much lower volume and had a slimmer profile than the 2009 model! I had to adjust my binding straps shorter so they wouldn’t bottom out!

The toe to heal length is about the same as the 09’ boot but, there was a major change in the construction of the sole. The new TM-2 has a skate inspired flat vulcanized (think vans or converse shoes with the white rubber wrap) looking sole, although it’s not actually vulcanized construction. It allows for the liner and your foot to sit a lower and closer to the board than past models, thus reducing the overall volume of the boot. They also added 32’s G2 gel to heal of the sole to help dampen harsh landings and prevent heel bruises.
I prefer lace up boots, hey, I’ve been lacing since 89. The TM-2 tongue tension lacing system works great. The laces go through the webbing loops at three sections of the bottom half of the boot. The webbing loops are anchored to the boot’s tongue, so when the lace is tightened the tongue is pulled tighter against the liner.

The upper and lower parts of the boot shell are hinged with an articulating cuff to make the flex smooth and prevent bulging when the boot flexes. The internal lace cuff surrounding the liner is pretty standard but, 32 adds a simple pull tab half way down the laces that really helps to tighten the bottom internal laces.

One of 32’s main selling points has always been their heat moldable liners. Heat molding expands the liner in void areas and contracts the liner in areas with pressure points or painful hotspots. Mine fit really well out of the box so I didn’t heat mold them.

Of course I replaced the stock “Level 3” footbed with a pair of Shred Soles Performance Snowboarding Insoles. They really upped the under-foot comfort level and improved the overall fit of the boot, eliminating the tiny bit of heel-lift that I had in the boot with the stock footbed.

The next big change was that the classic Velcro shin strap around the top of the liner has been replaced with a Velcro patch on the outside of the tongue and on the inside of the liner. I’ve always removed the Velcro strap anyways, so I was psyched on this change!

I put 40 full days on the snow in these boots. From surviving the storm of the century here in the Mid-Atlantic to jumping all the bare patches at Breckinridge, finding pow stashes in Vail’s trees, hiking Mt. Snow’s Jib Park, shredding Heavenly with good friends, and all the backyard sessions in between. I have to say that the boots have held up amazingly well. They’ve packed out the least of any boot I’ve owned in the past 10 years! They also are in one piece; usually my boots are thrashed by the end of the season, either a blow out on the toe or the sole coming off at the heel or a broken lace loop. Not this time, the TM-Twos held up perfect and they still fit great, I think they’ll even last through next season! I give them two thumbs up!

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