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Shred Soles Origin Story

“After two foot surgeries, I didn’t think my feet would be able to handle snowboarding, but thanks to the Shred Soles, I’m carving up the mountain. Thanks again!” - Shred Soles First Customer

It's been an amazing journey so far... My heart is full of gratitude. The ability to deliver foot comfort for participants of my favorite activities is a dream come true. 

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Corey Huber Welcome to the Shred Soles Skateboarding Team

Corey Huber

Mark Nickels Photo. 

Corey likes riding motorcycles in the pouring rain, tending to his backyard garden, mowing lawns, hanging drywall and not rolling his ankle!

Corey filmed this line effortlessly:


Welcome Corey - we're honored to have you on the team!


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