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Nate and Justin Search For Tahoe Pow

Funny thing - the season that I decided to move to the Lake Tahoe area,  it doesn't snow. 

My friends back in the Mid-Atlantic (the area I moved from) - have been having a great winter.

They even started tagging their snowboarding posts with the hashtag "#thanksnate" (like thanks Nate for moving out west and sending all the snow our way) to rub it in.   

My longtime buddy and videographer Justin called me up in mid-December and said that he knew a spot that was holding some soft pow! It hadn't snowed in four weeks! I didn't fully believe him, but I wasn't going to pass up on the possibility of a pow turn.   

We met up, formed a game plan and trucked up to an undisclosed location above Lake Tahoe. 

It was a holiday weekend and the roadside parking was mobbed. 

Once we found a spot, I jumped out of the truck on to the snow and noticed that it was ROCK SOLID!

Ice block - I was losing faith in Justin's claim.   

We booted up and readied the splitboards anyways. 

Did we find pow? 

Watch the video below to find out: 

Filmed and edited by Justin Majeczky -

Featuring: the brand new Shred Sox, the Snowboard Boot Bag with Changing Mat, and the new Shred Soles Maximum Performance Snowboarding Insoles.

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