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Conversation with Ed at Buoloco

I just had the honor of talking with Ed Segovia at Buoloco. He told me that Buoloco was the nick name of a ripping skater in his hometown. He had thick glasses that made him look like an owl… Buoloco means crazy owl!


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BurritoAndSnow's Shred Soles Review

I bought a pair of Shred Soles the first week they were available… well in fact lets start at a different place. Oh the woe that is my feet and the issues I have from them. My friends refer to them as the “circus feet”. My right foot is a half size larger than my left and I have high arches. Not just kinda high but stupid high like these on the left only a bit worse. See the little points where the two sections ALMOST touch? Well yeah I don’t have those. Its not fun and its definitely not conducive to being bound in snowboard boots for 6 hours at a time over 1oo days a year. To top that off I have fairly skinny ( i.e. non meaty) ankles but enormous ankle bones. They protrude pretty far out and this ankle combo makes for getting heal lift easily ( and a crap load of rolled ankles in the summer skate season). For these reasons finding a good footbed is a must. Ive tried everything from $10 off the shelf DrScholls Gel Insoles to some of the higher end specialty stuff. Recently Nate Musson launched his venture into the genre under the name of Shred Soles. Nate touts his product as “the only snowboarding specific insole” and they have a retail price of $44.95 which is a standard price point for this product. I got my Shred Soles within a week of ordering them online and right out the package I knew that these were going to be great for me…..=
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