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Slinging Mud and staying organized

Seven Springs

Early last season I went on a day snowboarding trip with my neighbor, Paul and my friend Alex. 

Paul and I carpooled in Paul's Toyota Sequoia. Early in the morning we picked up Alex at a Park N Ride along the way. Alex tossed his gear in the back and we drove to Seven Springs. 

After snowboarding all day we went to the Sequoia and took off our gear in preparation for the ride home.

With years of parking lot changes under my belt, I've gotten pretty good at balancing on one foot and/or finding a dry patch of ground to stand on while changing.  

One of our crew did not have such luck with his balance and foot placement or maybe it was just a total lack of concern for cleanliness... To protect the guilty, I won't mention his name, but let's just say it rhymes with phallix.

Both Paul and I had our gear packed away and we were waiting for the unnamed party to finish changing... I went back to check on him and I noticed that there was mud on my backpack (which was already packed in the back of the Sequoia).

At second glance - I noticed that there was mud everywhere in the back of the truck. On the carpet, all over Paul's photography bag, on the ceiling and on the windows. It looked like a brown Jackson Pollock painting!

Alex (whoops - I mentioned his name) just looked up at me and said, "What's the rush player? I'm almost ready."

I just went back to my spot in the truck and waited to hear Paul's reaction when he saw his new artwork in the back of the truck.

Paul Horning

Alex had to by Paul a drink to help compensate for the damages. 

This early season snowboard trip influenced the design of the new Shred Soles Snowboard Boot Bag!

The main boot compartment on the boot bag zips open to an Alex proof changing mat.

Plus there are zippered compartments for both your helmet and your goggles. Also a mesh side pocket for gloves and accessories.  

Introducing the Shred Soles Snowboard Boot Bag - built mud proof!  

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