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We're moving - Shred Soles X California!

We're moving Shred Soles to California


We've been located next to a small resort in South Central Pennsylvania for the better part of the past ten years.

This winter was so weak in our zone that the resort CLOSED in February!

This was the catalyst for our relocation.

We're currently in the process of moving to Bear Valley (not Big Bear) California.

Bear Valley sits at 7100' in the Sierras.

There's still plenty of snow on the ground (we've been hiking and splitboarding it a ton). And it's much closer to the majority of the skateboard and snowboard industry.

Although, we're a little sad to leave our friends (except Paul Horning) and family back east - we're beyond stoked to have found a rad zone with nearly year round snow, skate and surf options (shhh - don't tell anyone).  

Lots of good stuff in the pipeline for the rest of the year - here's a peak into some of the coming projects

  • Another new skateboarding and daily wear insole is in the works
  • We'll be launching a brand new upgraded version of the snowboarding insole this fall
  • We'll be releasing a brand new snowboarding specific boot bag that is packed with features 



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