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Shred Soles Founder Nate Musson Interviewed by

Job Title: Owner, Manager, Buyer, Marketing Director, Sales Director, Snowboarder

Employer: Shred Soles Performance Snowboard Boot Insoles & Pitcrew Skateboards and Snowboards

Years on snow: 22

Days on snow: I don’t count… Many but, never enough. Lots of the guys at the shop have started logging hours instead of days. It’s kinda like a joke because they may make it up to the mountain but, only actually end up on the snow for a short amount of time. Due to long lift lines, short runs, and the cheap beers at the secret resort bar!

Currently Riding: Lib Banana Magic 157 / Union Force / 32 Sonic

Currently I am: 1. Stoked on learning wheelies on my motorcycle! 2. Shook from falling 25 feet while “lead climbing” yesterday. 3. Addicted to Words With Friends 4. Psyched on life!

Shay: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Nate: I grew up in Northern Montana. Started snowboarding at real resorts with a real snowboard (I had a Black Snow plastic toy snowboard previously) at age 11. My uncle (who was sponsored by Checkered Pig Snowboards for racing at that time) took me to Showdown on a powder day. I caught my edge a few times but, as soon as the trail got steeper I got the hang of it. I was blasting airs and slashing pow turns before the day was over and I was hooked for life! The next time I went to the resort it was an ice day…I got destroyed, it was like I didn’t know how to ride anymore!

I still prefer riding powder over anything else but, I’m also into a bunch of other activities…. too many if you ask my wife! Been skateboarding pretty much as long as I can remember. Runner, I survived a marathon 26.2 mi! Biker, I started riding a road bike to rehab my knee from a torn PCL. Biker again, I love riding my motorcycle , to quote my friend “it’s like a street dragon!” Climber, rock climbing is so humbling!

I’m a Vegan, I figure that if I can live healthy and reduce suffering of other beings then why not?

Shay: How has snowboarding changed your life?

Nate: Snowboarding hasn’t “changed” my life as much as it’s shaped my life. Snowboarding has been on my mind since if first strapped in… I still think about making powder turns every day of my life!

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