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Five Unique Snowboarding Gear Gifts

Whether you are looking for snowboarding gifts for the shredder on your list or if you need to re-up on your personal gear – here are a few of my favorite things.

1) Leatherman Hail + Style Snow Tool: My friend gave me one of these last season and I’ve used this more than any other gift that I received. This is the #1 thing that I’m giving to friends and family this year.

Leatherman partnered up with another original, USA-proud company, Signal Snowboards® to bring you pocket tools designed to crank on a binding, open a beer, tune your board or stash your ear buds. So go ahead clip ‘em on and put ‘em to the test, these travel-friendly (yup they’re TSA-compliant) Portland, Oregon originals are built to last, complete with a 25-year warranty.

Retails at $46.95

Find it at:

2) Transform Lucifer Snowboarding Mitts: Evil? Controversial?
 Bad Karma? Depends on what you believe – I guess. I just think that these are unique and something that you won’t see everyone else wearing! Super hard to find if you live in the States though.Lucifer

Retails at €69.99

Find em at:

3) Airblaster Hoodless Ninja Suit: The Ninja Suit is awesome, but the hood is overkill on most days and I’ve always cut the bottom quarter of my long underwear off (shants) to keep the material out of my boots. The Hoodless Ninja suit is the perfect set of long johns – no cutting required.

Hoodless Ninja Suit Retails at $109.99

Find it at:


4) Hovland Hatch Snowskate: I know you took the trucks off of your first skateboard and tried to ride it in the snow… Surfing and skateboarding don’t have bindings – make your local hill fun again by freeing your feet!

The Hovland Hatch all-mountain snowskate is built to handle whatever your favorite resort throws at you. Hit boxes and rails, cruise groomers, attack steeps and launch hits — this skate does it all.

Retails at $349.00

Find it at:

5) Shred Soles Snowboard Boot Insoles: Yeah, it’s a bit of a shameless self promotion, I know, but comfort in your snowboard boots is a priceless gift!

Innovative ShWedge™ taper gives better performance by realigning ankles, knees, and hips to natural and balanced riding posture.

DynArch is engineered specifically for snowboarding to maximize arch support and minimize strain and injury.

Deep-well heel cup with firm high-riser sidewalls stabilizes heel and reduces friction from lateral foot movement.

Retails at $44.99

Find at:

Snowboarding Insoles - Shred Soles

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