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🔥 PRE SALE - Introducing the New Standard in Snowboard Boot Comfort ☁️ - The Shred Soles Maximum Performance Snowboard Boot Insole

Shred Soles Founder, Nate Musson, pictured holding a pair of the new Shred Soles Maximum Performance Snowboard Boot Insoles.  

The Shred Soles Maximum Performance Snowboard Boot Insole is the result of  more than two years of testing and refinement.

We set out to create the ultimate snowboarding specific insole that offered unmatched comfort, stability, impact resistance/damping, durability, arch support and response! 

Our innovative Snowboarding Specific ShWedge™ taper improves performance by realigning ankles, knees, and hips to natural and balanced riding posture.

We developed the perfect blend of DuraShred™ foam as a base layer - combined with our brand new ShredBed™ Microcellular Urethane forefoot pad. The combo provides long lasting support, impact/chatter reduction and cloud like comfort. 

We completely redesigned the exoskeleton for increased durability, support and dynamic arch support. DynArch2™ is engineered specifically for snowboarding to maximize arch support and minimize strain. 

Compact ShredTech™ high density gel was added to the heel to thwart the dreaded heel bruise - from even the flattest of landings. 

No Stink - Ultra-Fresh™ antimicrobial coating kills 99.9% of all odor causing bacteria and fungi. 

All of these features add up to The Most Comfortable Snowboarding Insole ever created! 

We will be running a pre sale for this insole before it launches. 

The presale will start Saturday morning and it will be for a very limited amount of time - like hours. 

The pre sale will be 30% off of the retail price of $49.99 and FREE SHIPPING!


Orders are expected to ship no later than December 15th. 

If you're interested in the pre sale and want to be notified when it's available  - make sure that you've signed up to our email list below: 


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