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👣☁ 3 Free Easy Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your First Day On The Hill

Lots of resorts are opening up around the country this weekend!

If you’re like me – you’re frothing to get back on the hill!

I wanted to share a couple of easy things you can do right now to help make your feet more comfortable on the first day back on the hill!

#1 Clip your toenails:


Maybe it’s not the most exciting thing to talk about, but going out on day one with a long toenail (especially if it’s on your longest toe) could start your season off with a bruised toe – lost toenail or even a cut in your socks!

#2 Inventory your socks:


I highly recommend using only one style/model/thickness of sock for the entire season.

Many people think that the heavier the sock, the warmer your feet will be. The truth is that your boot liner usually offers plenty of insulation for warmth. As long as you have good moisture wicking socks - if your feet stay dry, your feet stay warm.

You want to avoid changing sock thickness because it will change the fit of the boot! Even the slightest change in thickness can make your boots painful - giving you numbness, heel lift or even blisters!

Maybe you have an assortment of socks that you’ve gained over the years…. Sort through them and get rid of all of the odd 🦆ducks!

Once you've narrowed it down to one sock you like, make sure you have several pairs (at least 3) of that same model to maintain boot fit consistency.

Stay tuned for info on our upcoming Presale for the Shred Soles Shred Sox V2 with Thermolite.

#3 Put your boots on:


Now that you have your socks all sorted – put your socks on and then put your boots on!

This a great opportunity to inspect your boots for frayed laces/Boa cables and hit up your local shop if they need to be replaced.

Wear your boots around the house for a couple of hours.

Look for any pain points – toe bang, heel lift… This is the time to start addressing those types of fit issues – instead of having your FDOH cut short!

I could go on forever with other little things that are important for comfortable snowboard boots, but I’ll draw a line here and just say that if you have any questions about boot fitting – please feel free to reach out to me directly via email:

Happy First Day on the Hill!



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Japan Grabs Shred Soles Review

Marc, over at Japan Grabs put the new Shred Soles Maximum Performance Insoles to the test of 40 days on snow.....

Here's an excerpt: 

"..... Standard snowboard boot insoles are notoriously bad, with little support or cushioning. For many people, the first thing to do after getting a new pair of boots is to slip in a pair of aftermarket insoles. If you don’t have any serious foot problems, you can skip the expensive full-custom insole route and choose an inexpensive semi-custom trim-to-fit insole, like these Shred Soles. What makes Shred Soles snowboarding insoles stand out is the arch support tech and built-in canting which were designed specifically for snowboarding.

.....Shred Soles owner Nate explains the reasoning behind the flexible arch construction, “the arch muscle in your foot expands and contracts when transitioning from heel to toe. Stiffer arch insoles in snowboard boots frequently cause arch pain – as the arch expands and contracts over a fixed point. People oftentimes say it feels like there’s a golf ball under their arch. This is what we set out to avoid when we designed the DynArch2”.

Instead of having an overly high built-in arch, Shred Soles flips the script and makes a deeper heelcup, lowering the foot into a properly supported arch position. This felt weird the first few days as I could feel the edge of the heelcup under the outside of my foot. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it was there. This feeling went away once they broke in. This deep heelcup, along with the flexible arch really keeps my foot in place and has eliminated the toe-bang I was getting with a previous insole (from my foot sliding forward during riding)."

To hear Marc's final thoughts after 40 days on the Shred Soles Maximum Performance Insoles - click the following link:

The Maximum Performance Insoles are on sale this week for 10% off. And all US orders automatically get FREE SHIPPING this week.  

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